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Eclipses for the year 2008

Animated graphic illustrating the solar eclipses and lunar eclipse

Eclipses for the year 2008


    There are 4 eclipses in 2008, 2 of the Sun and 2 of the Moon:

Date Kinds of eclipse
February 7 Annular eclipse of the Sun
February 21 Total eclipse of the Moon
August 01 Total eclipse of the Sun
August 17 Partial eclipse of the Moon


    Of these four eclipses, 1 eclipse of the sun and 1 eclipse of the Moon will be visible in Hong Kong. Details are given below:


    Total eclipse of the Sun on August 01

    The Total eclipse will only be visible as partial eclipse in Hong Kong.

State Time   Date
Eclipse begins 1843 August 01
Sunset 1904 August 01


    Partial eclipse of the Moon on August 17

State Time   Date
Moonrise 1833 August 16
Moon enters penumbra 0223 August 17
Moon enters umbra 0336 August 17
Middle of eclipse 0510 August 17
Moonset 0606 August 17
Moon leaves umbra 0645 August 17
Moon leaves penumbra 0757 August 17


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