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Happy Hiking with MyObservatory

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Happy Hiking with MyObservatory

December 2015

You may still recall that there was news reporting three young men struck by lightning while hiking in Sai Kung on 24 May 2015 when Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal was in force. Fortunately, they did not get hurt seriously during the accident. So, how can we protect ourselves from mishap while hiking or engaging in other outdoor activities? The "MyObservatory" mobile app will enable us to get better prepared for the journey.

  1. Make reference to 9-day weather forecast when planning for hiking or other outdoor activities. It would be better to conduct these activities on fine days than on hot days or days with potential thunderstorms.
  2. figure 1

    Figure 1

  3. Before setting off, check "Local Weather Forecast" to get hold of the latest weather conditions. Also take note of the current weather situations along the route from the "Weather Photos".
  4. figure 2

    Figure 2

  5. Enable the reception of "Special Weather Tips" and a series of weather warnings so as to receive timely notification of important weather warning messages.
  6. figure 3

    Figure 3

  7. On reception of "Special Weather Tips" or weather warning messages, check out "Radar Images", "Lightning Location" and "Radar & Lightning Images" to monitor the location and movement of severe weather.
  8. figure 4

    Figure 4

  9. Also, activate the "Location-based Rain Forecast" notification to have an idea of when rain will commence or cease normally one to two hours before the event.
  10. figure 5

    Figure 5

The "MyObservatory" app can facilitate hikers or people engaged in other outdoor activities to better plan for their journeys so as to reduce the impact of weather. Nevertheless, in case of thunderstorms, remember to switch off mobile phone immediately, remove all metallic objects from your body, and seek shelter in buildings or low-lying areas as soon as possible.