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Quiz Introduction Page


  • The Observatory will launch a series of quiz games with different themes on its website and App to further promote knowledge on meteorology and related science. A new issue of the quiz will be launched around every two weeks. Each issue contains five questions. To be in line with the theme of the World Meteorological Day 2015 on "Climate Knowledge for Climate Action", the first issue of the quiz is about climate change. Play and learn with interested quiz games with different themes in different issues.
  • If you answer all five questions correctly in a certain issue of the quiz, you will win an online badge for the period. Samples of online badges for different periods are shown below:

1st Issue

2nd Issue

3rd Issue

4th Issue

5th Issue

6th Issue

7th Issue

Special Edition

Until 5/4







8th Issue

9th Issue

10th Issue

11th Issue

12th Issue

13th Issue

14th Issue

Special Edition








15th Issue

16th Issue

17th Issue

18th Issue

19th Issue

20th Issue

21st Issue

Special Edition








  • If you are able to collect seven Weather Family badges, you are entitled to obtain the special edition badge of the HKO's Mascot - Dr Tin. If you have succeeded in obtaining two different special editions of Dr Tin's badges, you may obtain a set of "Changeable Clouds" booklets or cloud jigsaw bookmarks in a paper frame as a souvenir, while stock lasts, at the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre via email notification. Furthermore, you will even have the chance to win a "Special Grand Prize" if you can obtain all three different Dr Tin's badges.

Game Rules

  1. You can choose to provide email address. Please remember to input the same email address when answering the quiz. Otherwise, the results will be treated as separate records for different participants.
  2. You can answer the same quiz more than once.
  3. If you choose not to provide email address when answering the quiz, your quiz results will not be recorded by the Observatory. As such, you will not receive notification email of winning special edition Dr Tin's badge or souvenir even if you have answered correctly the required number of issues of quizzes.
  4. Your input email address is solely for record of your quiz results and for contact purpose.
  5. Back issues of quizzes will not be available.
  6. The records kept by the Observatory will be taken as the final version. The availability of souvenirs is limited. It will be first-come-first-serve and available till stock lasts. The Hong Kong Observatory reserves its full rights in judging the eligibility of any person to receive the souvenir at its sole discretion.