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Tipping Bucket Rain-gauge

Tipping Bucket Rain-gauge

Weather family -- DiDiThe tipping bucket rain-gauge is able to measure rainfall at rates up to 200 mm/hr.   It has a body and funnel of aluminium alloy, with an accurately machined  septum-ring at the top to give an aperture of 400 sq. cm. The tipping bucket mechanism is mounted inside the  body on a cast aluminium-alloy base incorporating fixing lugs, three leveling screws and a spirit level.

The rain-gauge comprises of a divided bucket  assembly, which is pivoted at its centre like a seesaw.  Rain collects in the  upper half of the bucket, which is adjusted to tilt when a predetermined amount of water  has been collected. The tilting action discharges the collected water, and  repositions the opposite half under the discharge nozzle ready for filling.  The  bucket tips are recorded by means of a magnet which energies a reed switch capable of a  virtually indefinite amount of operations. This ensures that the Tipping Bucket has a long, reliable working life.

The rain-gauge is particularly convenient for automatic weather stations because it  lends itself to digital methods. The pulse generated by a contact closure of the  reed switch can be monitored by a data logger and totalled over selected time periods to  provide rainfall amount. It may also be used with a chart recorder.

The rain-gauge with the bucket size to collect the accumulated precipitation of 0.5 mm to cause one tilt is used in the Hong Kong Observatory.

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