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Ordinary Rain-gauge

Ordinary Rain-gauge

Weather family -- DiDiThe ordinary rain-gauge consists of :

  1. An upper section which is a cylindrical portion with an accurately turned and bevelled rim, within which is attached a funnel.
  2. An outer case with a splayed base.
  3. A cylindrical collecting can fitted with a wire handle.

The upper section fits closely on top of the outer case, the tube of the funnel fitting  inside a plastic bottle placed in the collecting can.  The upper section and  collecting can are made from seamless drawn copper tubing, but the remainder of the gauge,  apart from the brass fittings and the bottle, is made from sheet copper with soldered  seams.  The use of copper tubing in the construction of the cylindrical portion  ensures the interchangeability of the funnels among different gauges.  The brass rim  has a diameter of 8 inches (203-mm) in the tropical region and the cylindrical portion is  over 4 inches deep to minimize the amount of rain lost by out-splashing from the sides of  the funnel.  The rain is collected in the plastic bottle or exceptionally it may flow  into the collecting can.  Rainfall is measured by pouring the collected water into a  separate measuring jar or cylinder.

Click here to see the inside of an ordinary rain-gauge.

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