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Electronic Barometer (Digital Pressure Gauge)

Electronic Barometer (Digital Pressure Gauge)

Weather family -- CumulusThe Digital Pressure Gauge (DPG) is a combination of variable-capacitance ceramic sensor, digital electronic circuitry and firmware providing a system accurate to better than +/-0.02% full scale.

The variable-capacitance ceramic sensor is a symmetrical ceramic capsule, which deforms proportionally to applied pressure.  The reference space inside the capsule is sealed under high vacuum for sensing absolute pressure.  The excellent thermal expansion coefficient and low mechanical hysteresis of the variable-capacitance ceramic sensor contribute significantly to the high performance and long-term stability of the DPG.

Gold electrodes on the inside surfaces of the ceramic capsule create a variable capacitor.  As pressure exerted on the capsule increases, the electrodes move close to each other, increasing the capacitance.  The capacitance is detected and converted to a highly accurate linear DC signal by an integrated circuit, which utilizes a charge balance principle.

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