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HKO e-Bulletin on Educational Resources

HKO e-Bulletin on Educational Resources
  Issue No.24 (December 2009) feedback

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The HKO e-Bulletin on Educational Resources is published on-line every three months. It covers in layman terms various interesting topics related to weather phenomena and popular science, as well as new developments in science and technology including those at the Observatory. We welcome your views and suggestions.

This issue is rich in content. The Observatory enhances the content of its Space Weather webpage in December. There are several articles related to space weather in this issue.
item "Space Weather" - Effects of Space Weather to Hong Kong
item "Space Weather" - Space Weather Alert Categorization
item "Space Weather" - Shock Wave
item "Nature's Wonder" - What is Cerenkov Radiation?
item "What You Need to Know about Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation" series -
Episode five: Some Statistics on UV Index
item "Clouds in Hong Kong" series - 4. Cirrus
item "The Science of Thunder and Lightning" series -
Episode Seven: How to detect lightning?
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series - Swells from distant typhoons
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series -
Changes in Typhoon Nuri during landfall in Hong Kong
item "Weather Phenomena" - Anthropogenic climate change - Is greenhouse gas the whole story, or just part of the story?
item "Weather Phenomena" - The 2008 South China snow storm and the cold weather of Hong Kong - a retrospect
item "Weather Phenomena" - Weather and Influenza
item "Weather Phenomena" - An Introduction to Heat Stress
item "Radiation Tidbit" - China's future development of nuclear energy
item Webpage Enhancement on Space Weather (Beta version)
item "Science in the Public Service" activities in progress
item Innovative Airport Thunderstorm and Lightning Alerting System (ATLAS) won 2009 Civil Service Outstanding Service Award (9.10.2009)
item International Development of New Meteorological Services to Support Air Traffic Management (18.12.2009)
item Web Clock service 
item Climate Change FAQs
item Cartoon "Scorched Earth" broadcast on YouTube
item The latest information on El Nino (11 November 2009)
item Visibility meters cover all of Victoria Harbour (22 December 2009)
item Results of study on impact of weather on senior citizens ( 12 November 2009 )
item Observatory writes for Green Forum
item The Observatory supporting the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's General Education Course - "Climate and Our Environment" (30.11.2009)
item The Hong Kong Observatory provides training to the international meteorological community (8.12.2009)
item The Observatory showcasing scientific achievements in the "Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009 : Best Innovation & Research Award" Expo (8.12.2009)
item WWIS selected as one of the China's entries into the World Summit Award 
  Information by Topics
item Meteorology
item Radiation, Earthquake and Astronomy
item Space Weather
item Nature's Wonders - Their Science Explained
item Training Courses and Activities for the Public
item Observatory Publications
  Weather Forecast
item Local Weather Forecast
item 7-day Weather Forecast for Hong Kong
item World Weather Information Service - A World Meteorological Organization web site, developed by the Observatory, providing official city forecasts and climatological information issued by various National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.
item Severe Weather Information Centre - A World Meteorological Organization web site, developed by the Observatory, providing official Tropical Cyclone warnings and advisories issued by various National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.
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item Press here.

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