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Lingao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS)

location of LNPS

Lingao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS)

  • The LNPS was developed in two phases, with a total of four pressurized water reactors (PWRs).
  • The LNPS Phase 1 is located at about 1 km east of GNPS and LNPS Phase 2 is immediately further to the east.
  • LNPS is solely a Mainland investment and all its electricity output is supplied to Guandong.
  • LNPS Phase 1 is similar to GNPS in terms of design and equipment, and has a number of add-on technical improvement features. The power station also realises the technology transfer principle and has accomplished self-reliance in design and manufacturing aspects for some parts of the equipment.
  • LNPS Phase 1 comprises 2 x 990 MWe PWRs. The first unit began commercial operation in May 2002 and the second unit in January 2003.
  • LNPS Phase 2 evolves from the same design as the GNPS with further improvement based on the LNPS Phase 1 and it comprises 2 x 1,080 MWe PWRs.
  • The first and second unit of LNPS Phase 2 entered commercial operation in September 2010 and August 2011 respectively.
  • Power from LNPS is delivered to Guangdong via its 500 kV network to meet the increasing demand in the province.

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