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climate change
The Earth's climate has been changing due to variation in sunlight, Earth's orbital changes, volcanic activity, etc. However, their effects have been overshadowed by that of the increasing atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution. The recent human-induced climate change has become a major challenge of our time.
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Climate Change
Climate Change
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Causes of
Climate Change
A warming world<br>(Source: IPCC AR5) Climate Change - Clear and Present Danger<br>(Source: Pixabay) Muir Glacier retreating<br>(Source: NASA) Decreased Arctic sea ice is impacting polar bear<br>(Source: Pixabay) Storm surge caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012<br>(Source: Mark C. Olsen, US Air Force)

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal

Almost every corner of the globe has experienced a warming trend during 1901-2012. Global warming has led to widespread melting of snow and ice, rise in mean sea level and changes in frequency of extreme weather events.
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Vital indicators of climate change