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School talks on climate change

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School talks on climate change


To promote students' awareness and understanding of climate change issues, many government departments and organizations have joined hands with the Observatory to deliver climate change talks with topics extending from the scientific basis of climate change to energy saving and efficiency, biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

Co-organizers of the climate change talks include Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Business Environment Council, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Environmental Protection Department, the Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong and Water Supplies Department.

You can submit an online application or click here to download the application form. For enquiries, please call 2926 3105 or email to


Co-organizers of school talks on climate change

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and
    Conservation Department

  • Business
    Environment Council

  • Civil Engineering and
    Development Department

  • Drainage Services

  • Electrical and Mechanical
    Services Department

  • Environmental
    Protection Department
  • The Institution of Engineering
    and Technology Hong Kong

  • Water Supplies