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About CAem

About CAeM

CAeM is one of the eight Technical Commissions of the WMO specializing in aeronautical meteorology and matters relating to the provision of aviation meteorological services.  It is the driving force behind the WMO Aeronautical Meteorology Programme which fulfils one of the major purposes of WMO, namely "to further the application of meteorology to aviation".  This programme provides the aviation community with operational meteorological information required for a safe, regular and efficient air navigation. 

The terms of reference of CAeM are to :

(a) assist Members in improving delivery of aeronautical meteorological observation and forecast services, and in applying quality standards in line with the requirements of aviation users;

(b) coordinate development and implementation of aeronautical meteorological services in support of safe and efficient Air Traffic Management, in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);

(c) assist Members in developing and promoting aeronautical meteorological related climate services in collaboration with the other WMO constituent bodies;

(d) enhance the capabilities of Members in the provision of aeronautical meteorological warning services to reduce the impacts of hazardous weather on aviation users;

(e) provide the best available guidance, resource material and coordination for aeronautical meteorological education and training to Members in cooperation with the regional associations, ICAO regional groups and the Education and Training Office of WMO, particularly for those of developing and least developed countries;

(f) develop and implement, in coordination with regional associations, pilot projects to demonstrate and share best practices for capacity-building of Members in the provision of aeronautical meteorological services and to promote regional cooperation for technology transfer to developing and least developed countries;

(g) develop guidance material for Members to enhance their management of aviation weather service provision in cooperation with regional associations;

(h) review existing and emerging user requirements, in cooperation with regional associations, and to develop and update associated regulatory documentation and effective cost recovery mechanisms related to the provision of aeronautical meteorological services in collaboration with ICAO.