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About CAem-XIV

About CAeM-XIV

CAeM-XIV will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 3 to 10 February 2010.  A 1.5 day Technical Conference on the subject "The Future of Aviation Meteorology: Evolution or Revolution?" will be held during the session on 5-6 February 2010.
The session will discuss the progress and future development in aeronautical meteorology, in particular the following items:


urgent need for implementation of quality management systems for aeronautical meteorological services by Members;


new WMO qualification and competency standards for aeronautical meteorologists and observers;


new developments in aeronautical meteorology including the development of a new terminal weather forecast in support of air traffic management, and in line with the development of the two Air Traffic Management projects SESAR in Europe and the Next Gen in the US; the provision of a new service on "Space Weather";


the establishment of new regional advisory centres to enhance the provision of aviation warnings on significant weather.

The session will also review the structure of CAeM and elect a President and a Vice-president until the end of the next session of CAeM.

To facilitate a wider discussion by Members before the session, the Hong Kong Observatory hosted a pre-session discussion electronic forum on the session website ( 

It is the first time for CAeM session to be held in this part of the world.  Hosting of CAeM-XIV demonstrates the continued commitment of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) to the WMO in promoting aviation meteorological services.  It will also benefit Hong Kong by reinforcing Hong Kong's position as one of the international aviation hubs and leading providers of aviation services as well as enhancing the cooperation between Hong Kong, China and other WMO Members in aeronautical meteorology.