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Competency Requirements and Assessment for Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel

To ensure aviation safety, the World Meteorological Organization has laid down the competence standards for aeronautical meteorological personnel which will be applicable in late 2013. The scope covers weather monitoring and analysis, forecast and warning, communication of meteorological information, as well as ensuring quality of meteorological information and services. To assist WMO Members in demonstrating compliance of their aeronautical meteorological personnel with the competence standards, a set of more detailed competence guidelines and a competency assessment toolkit are developed by the WMO Commission of Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM). The toolkit serves as a framework for Members to devise their own tailored competency assessment methods and tools. The CAeM training website ( contains information on the toolkit and also provides useful materials for training on aeronautical meteorology.

The Observatory has been operating a quality management system in its Airport Meteorological Office which is ISO certified since 2002, laying a good foundation for the development of competency assessment methods and tools for our aeronautical meteorological forecasters and observers. The Observatory strives to be one of the earliest batch to implement such tools fulfilling the WMO competency requirements for aeronautical meteorology personnel.