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Cap Cloud over Lantau

Cap cloud was seen over Sunset Peak of Lantau Island on the day when the Meteorological Series III (a TV documentary series) was filmed back in November 2004. During the filming, Mr. C.M. Shun of the Observatory talked about the effects of the mountains on windshear and turbulence and on cloud formation. The presence of the cap cloud, thanks to the strong easterly winds on the day, became one of the highlights of the half-hour feature on the Observatory's weather services for the airport. The feature was shown on television on 12 April 2005 and can be viewed at the website of the Radio Television Hong Kong which produced the feature for the Observatory (

The above photo was taken by Mr. C.M. Shun at about 11:20 a.m. on 13 November 2004 from one of the mountains of Lantau Island facing east towards Sunset Peak.