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Flight document customization package

Customised flight documents, including METAR and TAF bulletins tailored for specific routes has been launched on AMIDS to facilitate the operations of airlines and ground handling agents. Airlines can now select the list of individual aerodromes to be included in the TAF and METAR bulletins, or the flight information regions in the SIGMET bulletins. They can also select different combinations of the TAF, METAR and SIGMET bulletins, upper wind-temperature and significant weather charts to be included in the flight documents and to save the settings for efficient and easy operations.

The Observatory's staff also paid visits to various airlines to understand their requirements and to gather their feedback on this new product. Through closer collaboration with users, the Observatory would better understand the users' needs and seek further advancements.

Observatory's Addy Fu (first from the left) and W.H. Lui (middle) introducing the flight document customization package to staff of the China Airlines