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Customize Landing Minima by Users

With the rapid development of the aviation industry, increasingly more routes and destinations are operated by airlines in recent years. Weather forecasts and their updates for destination airports as well as their alternates are important information for flight planning and re-scheduling. To facilitate users' monitoring of the aerodrome forecast (TAF) of destination airports and alternates against their operation thresholds of landing minima, a dedicated webpage on "Customize Landing Minima" has been developed and made available on the AMIDS. Users can create and configure different aerodrome lists with user-specified operation thresholds of visibility, cloud and wind. Aerodromes below user-specified thresholds and amendment to TAFs are highlighted to alert the users.

Fig.1: User interface for selecting the airports and specifying the respective operation thresholds on the "Customize Landing Minima" webpage.


Fig.2: Display of aerodrome forecasts (TAFs) for the selected airports on the "Customize Landing Minima" webpage. Those aerodromes with forecast weather conditions below the user-specified operation thresholds are highlighted with "X" whereas those forecasts which have been amended are highlighted in red.