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Additional Weather Photos for General Aviation

To support the operation and decision-making of local aviation users, the Aviation Meteorological Information Dissemination System (AMIDS) of the Hong Kong Observatory provides aviation forecasts and relevant information including satellite images, radar images, lightning information and weather photos over different regions of Hong Kong. Further to the launch of the web platform on AMIDS to facilitate sharing of weather observations and pilot reports within the general aviation community (HKO Side Lights) in March 2008, this platform was recently enhanced by adding a new web camera at Tai Lam Chung pointing towards northern Lantau. The weather photos from Tai Lam Chung provide information on the weather, clouds and visibility every five minutes around the Silvermine Pass. An enhancement in response to user's feedback, this addition is welcome by local helicopter pilots who routinely fly over the Pass.

Fig.1: Webpage for sharing of weather observations and pilot reports enhanced with weather photos from Tai Lam Chung (webcam circled in red circle).


Fig.2: A weather photo taken at Tai Lam Chung. Red arrow indicates the location of the Silvermine Pass.