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New release of MyAeroMET

HKO News Bulletin for the Aviation Community (35th Issue)

MyAeroMET, an Android mobile application, has been serving the aviation community latest aeronautical meteorological information since December 2013. Continual improvements have been done to enhance user experience and reliability of the application. The new version released in May 2016 has improved the display quality of SIGWX and wind/temperature charts, introduced the new capability to overlay satellite images on the SIGWX charts, and improved the user experience in accessing the touch interface of the globe.

Users can download the application package from the web and install the app on the own mobile devices. After signing up, users can browse the latest weather information conveniently on the 3D Earth display with fingertips. This is one of the steps made by HKO towards seamless provision of services.

For details and application of an account, please contact

Products available in MyAeroMET.

Figure 1: Products available in MyAeroMET.