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New Forecast Space Cross Section Chart

The forecast space cross section charts in AMIDS were enhanced from 10 April 2015 to include additional routes between Hong Kong (VHHH) to and from Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi Int’l (VTBS), Incheon (RKSI) and Narita Int’l (RJAA).

Fig. 1 Flight routes with forecast space cross section charts available

The forecast charts are prepared based on Hong Kong Observatory mesoscale numerical weather prediction model data and include the following information along selected flight routes:

1. upper level wind and temperature along major significant way points;

2. contours of isotherm (lines of equal temperature);

3. contours of isotach (lines of equal wind speed);

4. locations of maximum wind; and

5. area of clear air turbulence (for trial).


Fig. 2 An example of forecast space cross section chart from Hong Kong to Narita valid for 00 UTC on 11 May 2015