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New information introduced on the Significant Convection Monitoring and Forecast page

The Capacity Notification Message issued by the Air Traffic Flow Management Unit of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department was added to the integrated Significant Convection Monitoring and Forecast page on AMIDS. The message provides an estimate of the Airport Acceptance Rate for the next few hours and the expected delay time for arrival flights taking into account the weather condition and ATC's operational consideration. This enables the above integrated webpage to be a full-fledged one-stop-shop for information on significant convection.

Other important information on the same page includes:

  1. radar image and lightning data;
  2. composite of latest radar and deep convection satellite imageries;
  3. 12-hour forecast of significant convection over key air traffic control areas;
  4. the Observatory's Aviation Thunderstorm Nowcasting System (ATNS) showing 1-hour forecast position of thunderstorms affecting the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and its vicinity;
  5. significant convection forecast for the arrival and departure corridors of HKIA for the next hour;
  6. performance-based terminal area forecast for the next 9 hours;
  7. detailed significant convection forecasts for key ATC areas for the next 6 hours.

Figure 1  The Significant Convection Monitoring and Forecast page on AMIDS