Hong Kong Observatory Organisation Chart

Director of the Hong Kong Observatory
Dr CHENG Cho-ming
(Tel. No. : 2926 8221)

Development, Research and Administration Branch
Assistant Director :
Ms SONG Man-kuen, Sandy
(Tel. No. : 2926 8222)

Climate Information Services and Tropical Cyclone Studies
Senior Scientific Officer : Dr LEE Tsz-cheung
(Tel. No. : 2926 8360)
-Climate and meteorological database, data quality checks, and web information portal
-Climate observations, studies, projects and reports
-Climate information services and service development
-Tropical cyclone operational research and forecasting techniques
-Tropical cyclone best track analyses and case review

Geophysics, Time and Marine Meteorological Services
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHAN Sai-tick
(Tel. No. : 2926 8451)
-Earthquake and tsunami monitoring
-Astronomical information services and time services
-Marine and port meteorological services
-Oceanographic observations and applied research on physical oceanography
-Storm surge forecasting techniques and studies

Climate Forecast Services and Climate Change Studies
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr LEE Sai-ming
(Tel. No. : 2926 8341)
-Climate diagnostics and liaison with climate forecast users
-Coordination and management of paid weather services
-Climate change public education and outreach activities
-Climate change studies
-Seasonal and climate forecasting

Corporate Communication, Publicity and Media Services
Acting Senior Scientific Officer : Dr YEUNG Kwok-chung
(Tel. No. : 2926 8900)
-Corporate image building and publicity programmes
-Public education and outreach
-Media liaison and events
-Public opinion surveys
-TV weather service
-Library and publication services

Annex Block Project
Senior Scientific Officer : MrTONG Yu-fai
(Tel. No. :2926 1541)
-Planning and coordination of the Annex Block project
-Consultation and liaison support for the Annex Block project
-Technical and administrative support for the Annex Block project

Administrative Services
Chief Executive Officer : Mr SIU Tze-cheong
(Tel. No. : 2926 8207)
-Buildings, grounds, and office accommodation management; logistic support
-Service-wide and department-specific personnel matters and human resource management
-Finance and accounting; Resource Allocation Exercise
-Procurement of goods and services
-Staff activities and "Happy Business"


Forecasting and Warning Services Branch
Assistant Director : Mr CHAN Pak-wai
(Tel. No. : 2926 8223)

Forecast Operation
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr YEUNG Hon-yin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8371)
- Forecast and warning operations for the public and mariners;
-Setting up and management of weather warning systems;
-Provision of meteorological services to government departments;
-Development of forecast and warning service

Service Delivery
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHENG Yuen-chung, Armstrong
(Tel. No. : 2926 8358)
- Weather information dissemination;
-Development of weather information services;
-Weather observation and reporting;
-Automation of operations in Hong Kong Meteorological Centre

Forecast Development
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr WONG Wai-kin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8416)
- Development of nowcasting techniques for rainstorm and hazardous weather;
-Operation of nowcasting systems
-Application of numerical prediction products in forecast and warning services/span>;
-Application of forecast and nowcasting systems in support of special projects and events

Forecast Systems
Senior Scientific Officer : Dr PAN Chi-kin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8357)
- Meteorological operational systems;
- Meteorological data management;
- Development of digital forecast service;
- International exchange of meteorological data

Information Technology Management
Acting Senior Scientific Officer : Dr LEE Yiu-fai
(Tel. No. : 2926 8349)
- Development of the departmental IT plan;
- E-government initiatives and administrative computer services;
- Operation of computer systems and networks;
- Data communication

Impact-based Forecast Services
Acting Senior Scientific Officer :Mr LEE Kwok-lun
(Tel. No. : 2926 8452)
-Enhancement of support in development of high-impact weather forecast services;
- Development of products in relation to regional weather services and extended weather outlook;
-Coordinate with stakeholders on user requirement of high-impact weather forecast services;
- Development of products in support of multi-hazard risk-based forecasts and impact-based warnings


Aviation Weather Services Branch
Assistant Director : Miss LAU Sum-yee, Sharon

(Tel. No. : 2926 8232)

Airport Meteorological Office
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHOY Boon-leung
(Tel. No. : 2926 8431)
- Airport Meteorological Office operation support;
-Meteorological information for airlines, pilots and air traffic management;
-Aeronautical meteorological data links and systems;
- Development of new aviation weather information services;
-Quality management system for aviation weather services and safety oversight

Meteorological Forecast Systems
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHEUNG Ping
(Tel. No. : 2926 8241)
- Development and operation of numerical prediction systems;
- Airport windshear and turbulence alerting systems and services;
-Airport meteorological observing systems;
- Quality management for aviation meteorological observing systems

Aviation Weather Forecast and Warning Services
Senior Scientific Officer : Dr WONG Wing-tak
(Tel. No. : 2926 8430)
- Airport weather observation, forecast and warning services;
- Nowcasting systems in support of meteorological services for the terminal area;
-Aviation meteorological personnel and skills specialization;
Weather information for general aviation

Radar and Satellite Meteorology
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHAN Ying-wa
(Tel. No. : 2926 3074)
- Radar and satellite applications and forecast techniques;
-Operation and maintenance of weather radar and meteorological satellite reception systems

Three Runway System Project
Principal Experimental Officer : Mr LI Luen-on
(Tel. No. : 2926 8209)
- Establish the meteorological facilities and services to support the three runway system project;
- Establish the new Airport Meteorological Office and meteorological garden;
- Lead low level wind studies for new buildings/man-made structures;
- Operation and maintenance of weather radar, weather buoys and tide gauges

Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre (AAMC)
Senior Scientific Officer : Dr LI Ping-wah
(Tel. No. : 2926 8437)
- Establish the meteorological facilities and services for the operation and continuous enhancement of the Backup AAMC Centre;
- Operate the Backup AAMC Centre;
- Monitor the performance of the AAMC and lead development of Nowcasting systems in support of en-route weather services;
- Liaise with other Asian countries and international organizations to promote the AAMC


Radiation Monitoring and Assessment Branch
Acting Assistant Director : Mr LEE Lap-shun
(Tel. No. : 2926 8224)

Environmental Radiation Monitoringand Meteorological Measurements
Senior Scientific Officer : Miss LEE Shuk-ming
(Tel. No. : 2926 8421)
- Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programme;
- Radiation laboratory operations;
- Upper-air sounding;
- King's Park Meteorological Station operations and meteorological measurements;
- UV index advisory service;
- Operation and development of the lightning location network

Training and Exercises
Senior Scientific Officer : Ms LAM Ching-chi
(Tel. No. : 2926 8441)
- Meteorological training;
- Radiological trainingand exercises;
- Staff professional development;
- Public education

Weather and Radiation Observation Networks
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr CHAN Kai-wing, John
(Tel. No. : 2926 8414)
- Weather observation network;
- Radiation monitoring network;
- Radiological surveys;
- Quality management of meteorological and radiation monitoring data

Emergency Preparedness
Senior Scientific Officer : Mr MA Wai-man

(Tel. No. : 2926 8411)
- Operation of Monitoring and Assessment Centre (MAC);
- Departmental contingency plans for nuclearand other radiation related emergencies;
- Emergency data managementand communication;
- Accident consequence assessment


Current page last updated on 15 February 2020