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Aviation Weather Services Branch

Aviation Weather Services Branch

Aviation Weather Services Branch

Assistant Director :
Mr CHAN Sai-tick
(Tel. No. : 2926 8232)

Aviation Meteorological Innovative Solutions

Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr CHOY Boon-leung
(Tel. No. : 2926 8431)

- Airport Meteorological Office operation support;
- Meteorological information for airlines, pilots and air traffic management;
- Aeronautical meteorological data links and systems;
- Development of new aviation weather information services;
- Quality management system for aviation weather services and safety oversight

Aviation Meteorological Data Analytics

Senior Scientific Officer :
(Tel. No. : 2926 8642)

- Airport windshear and turbulence alerting systems and services;
- Development and maintenance of Airport meteorological observing systems and weather buoys;
- Quality management for aviation meteorological observing systems

Aviation Weather Forecast and Warning Services

Senior Scientific Officer :
Dr LEE Yiu-fai
(Tel. No. : 2926 8430)

- Airport weather observation, forecast and warning services;
- Nowcasting systems in support of meteorological services for the terminal area;
- Aviation meteorological personnel and skills specialization;
- Weather information for general aviation

Radar and Satellite Meteorology

Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr CHAN Ying-wa
(Tel. No. : 2926 3074)

- Radar and satellite applications and forecast techniques;
- Operation and maintenance of long-range and X-band weather radars;
- Operation and maintenance of meteorological satellite reception systems

Three Runway System Project

Senior Scientific Officer :
Ms TSE Shuk-mei
(Tel. No. : 2926 8337)

- Establish the meteorological facilities and services to support the three runway system project;
- Establish the new Airport Meteorological Office and meteorological garden;
- Lead low level wind studies for new buildings/man-made structures;
- Operation and maintenance of TDWRs and tide gauges

International Aviation Meteorological Collaboration

Acting Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr KOK Mang-hin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8441)

- Establish the meteorological facilities and services for operation and continuous enhancement of the Backup AAMC Centre;
- Operate the Backup AAMC Centre;
- Monitor the performance of the AAMC and lead development of Nowcasting systems in support of en-route weather services;
- Liaise with other Asian countries and international organizations to promote the AAMC

Aviation Meteorological Impact Assessment

Acting Principal Experimental Officer :
Mr HO Ka-leong
(Tel. No. : 2926 8258)

- Support the operation of IAC, provide regional watch of high impact aviation weather hazards and weather briefings;
- Development of systems and products in support of IAC;
- Development of risk-based aviation weather service