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The Observatory launched the "Climate Change Impacts" webpage

15 October 2020

Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are at record high and continue to rise. The present-day global average temperature is already about 1.1℃ above pre-industrial levels. In a warming world, extreme weather events, such as extreme heat and extreme rainfall, have become more frequent. The impacts of climate change are not only confined to the weather and climate systems, but have already threatened humans and other species in the ecosystems.

To enhance public awareness of climate change issues, the Observatory has launched the “Climate Change Impacts” webpage, disseminating the latest climate change information, including the latest developments such as record-breaking events and scientific research results. The new webpage with categorization feature facilitates the public to better understand the impacts of climate change in different aspects.

The webpage can be accessed through:

Climate Change Impacts

The "Climate Change Impacts" webpage