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Chinese domain names of Hong Kong Observatory website launched

26 July 2011

The Chinese domain names "天文台.香港" and "香港天氣.香港" of the Hong Kong Observatory website are launched today (26 July 2011). Apart from the existing English domain names, members of the public can get access to the Observatory's website by inputting the Chinese domain names on their Internet browsers.

For information on the support of Internet browsers on Chinese domain name, please visit therelated webpage of the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited.

The Observatory's website has been continuously enhanced to meet the evolving users' needs. The website provides not only one-stop webpages tailored for special user groups including school, senior citizen, child, fisherman, hiker, aviation sports, water sports etc, but also personalized and location-based weather services, i.e. "MyObservatory". The website supports mobile Internet and contains linkage to weather information from the Observatory on major social networking platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Weibo. In the past decade, the website has gained popularity with visit figures soaring by nearly 30 times to 1.8 billion in 2010. The figure for the first half of 2011 is already over 1.8 billion.

Visit statistics of Hong Kong Observatorys website

Visit statistics of Hong Kong Observatorys website