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HKO launches "Decoding Radiation" e-book

22 December 2022

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) launched the Chinese version of an interactive e-book titled "Decoding Radiation" today (December 22), introducing types of radiation, radiation monitoring and nuclear emergency preparedness and response so as to deepen the public's understanding of radiation. The HKO plans to launch the English version of the e-book next year.

The e-book introduces in layman's terms various radiation-related topics including basic concepts of radiation, areas of application, effects on health, radiation protection, monitoring and analysis methods, as well as nuclear emergency preparedness. With many vivid graphics and quiz games, the e-book is suitable for readers of different ages.

The desktop and mobile versions of the e-book are available on this webpage. Members of the public may also browse the e-book on the "Educational Resources" page and the "Radiation Monitoring" page of the HKO's website; or in the "Educational Resources" section of the mobile application "MyObservatory".

e-book Decoding Radiation
HKO launches the Chinese version of an e-book titled "Decoding Radiation".

The e-book Decoding Radiation

The e-book "Decoding Radiation" introduces the knowledge of radiation in layman's terms with lots of graphic contents.