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Observatory launches Star Ferry wind information service

12 May 2010

The Hong Kong Observatory is further enhancing its regional weather information service.Starting from today (12 May), real-time wind information from the Star Ferry wind station is available to the public through the Observatory's website and dial-a-weather service.

The Star Ferry wind station is located at the southern tip of the Kowloon peninsula, overlooking Victoria Harbour.In the vicinity of the station, there are multi-functional facilities including large shopping malls, leisure and cultural centres as well as places for outdoor activities, making it a tourist and leisure hot spot.In addition, the wind station is situated at the vital marine traffic hub where ferries that cross the harbour, vessels that travel between Mainland China and Hong Kong and ocean-liners are moored.The Observatory is providing wind information at the Star Ferry Pier to keep the public and tourists informed of the latest weather conditions there.

Assistant Director of the Observatory, Mr Leung Wing-mo, said, "Apart from providing wind information at Star Ferry Pier, we have also posted the exposure information of the station on the Web for public reference.Since Hong Kong is a highly developed urban city with complex terrain, we plan to launch the exposure information of other wind stations on the Observatory's website in phases.This should help the public to learn more about the geographical characteristics of the wind stations, so that they can make sensible interpretations of the wind information at those sites.As the typhoon season is imminent, I would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to pay more attention to the Observatory's weather information during a storm.Please also do not underestimate the severity of storms, to avoid unnecessary damage and losses."

The public can access the relevant wind information from the Observatory's "Regional Weather" webpage or PDA webpage at They can also call the Observatory's dial-a-weather hotline at 187 8200.