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130th Anniversary of Hong Kong Observatory

The Observatory Mascot

An Observatory mascot "Dr. Tin" was born, in celebration of the Observatory's 130th anniversary!

As leader of the Family of Weather Icons (Sunny Sunny, Cumulus Cumulus, Sponge Sponge, Didi Didi, Phoebe Phoebe, Violet Violet and Break Break), Dr. Tin carries similar DNAs that are evident from its body shape and facial features. As an ambassador for public education activities, its first task is to promulgate the Observatory's Vision, Mission and Values (VMV), recently refreshed since the last update in 2004. In particular, it has features that reflect all the elements of the Observatory's Values (Serve ˙ Care ˙ Innovate ˙ Enthuse ˙ Nurture ˙ Collaborate ˙ Excel).

Dr. Tin is shown holding a thermometer to measure air temperatures, closely monitoring weather conditions that people care. Armed with other weather instruments or weather warnings in its tools kit to be used under various weather situations, it assures us that the Observatory will serve and care for the well-being and safety of the society at all times.

The Sun emits energy and warmth, and the rainbow brings hope in the hat design. They encourage us to adopt a keen attitude for professional growth through continuous learning and, looking forward, to nurture and enthuse the future generations through knowledge transfer and public education.

The intertwining locks in Dr. Tin's wavy hairstyle simulate the flow of winds, clouds and waves in the ocean. They symbolise the spirit of partnership as we collaborate and interact with fellow partners, users and stakeholders to harness knowledge and resources for maximum synergy and productive outcomes.

In our attempt to innovate in the development of products and services, the lightning-shaped shoulder straps create flashes of insight; and with the cape hanging at the back, Dr. Tin will inspire us to scale new heights in our endeavour to excel in what we do.

Dressed like a super-hero, Dr. Tin has an aura of authority and power that conveys the assurance of safeguard against the potential threat of hazardous perils. But it also strikes a friendly pose that is both open and welcoming, signifying a people-oriented approach in meeting new challenges.

The mascot design is inspired by concepts and ingredients from the winning designs of the Weather Mascot Competition organized by the Hong Kong Meteorological Society with the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art and the Hong Kong Observatory, for primary school students in late 2012.

To provide a name for the mascot of the Observatory, which was born earlier this year, the Observatory organized a naming competition recently with public participation, including Friends of Observatory, Community Weather Information Network (Co-WIN) members and Hong Kong Observatory's staff. The submissions were then selected by an adjudication panel comprising of the Observatory's Strategic Advisors, representative from Radio Television Hong Kong and senior management of the Observatory. The Panel finally selected the name "Dr. Tin" from a large number of proposals for the HKO mascot. "Dr. Tin", in Chinese pronunciation, represents the Observatory's close monitoring of the weather to serve the public, no matter day or night. As a leader of the Family of Weather Icons, it will serve as an ambassador to promote the Observatory's public education activities.