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Space Weather

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Introductory Topics
The solar activity grand minimum? 
The latest prediction of solar activity 
Effect of solar activities to the Earth's atmosphere 
Atmospheric drag on the motion of satellites 
Effects of Space Weather to Hong Kong 
Space Weather Alert Categorization 
Space Weather and Polar Flights 
  Space Weather - An Introduction
  Effects of Space Weather
Advanced Topics
From Space weather to Earth's weather - A discussion of the effects of sunspots on the unusually cold winter of 2010-2011 
The possible effects on earth's climate by the solar spectral change in a solar cycle 
Why can the sun persistently produce energy for the stable output of light and heat? 
The relationship between sunspot activity and the reversal of the sun's magnetic polarity 
Shock Wave 
  Origin of Solar Flare
  How Space Weather is Monitored?
Interesting Events
Extreme Space Weather Events in History 
Spectacular Fireworks Show on the Sun 
The Sun Wakens 
  A Newly Discovered Space Weather Phenomenon - Ion Plume 
  Body Checking the Sun - 3-D Images
  Activity Forecast for the Next Solar Cycle
  Low Solar Activity - Time before a Tempest?
  Intense Solar Activity in September 2005
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