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Aviation Weather

Services and Facilities

  Aviation Weather Services of Hong Kong
  Meteorological Facilities at the Hong Kong International Airport
  Virtual Tour of Airport Meteorological Office
  Virtual Tour to the Observatory LIDAR
  Weather Information for Aviation Sports
  Observatory News Bulletins for the Aviation Community

Windshear and Turbulence

  HKO/IFALPA/WMO/ICAO Windshear Posters pdf version
  What are "Windshear" and "Turbulence"? pdf version
  What is "Clear-air Turbulence"?
  Windshear and Turbulence in Hong Kong - Information for Pilots (3rd edition) pdf version - (Disclaimer)

Weather Observations

  Weather Observation at Airport

Paper and Newsletter

  Aviation Technical Papers
  <<Weather on Wings>> - Half-yearly Newsletter for the Aviation Community
  70th Anniversary of Hong Kong Observatory Aviation Weather Services
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