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Introductory Topics

Radiation from Wind and Rain
Exposure to Cosmic Radiation during Air Travel
Variations in the Environmental Radiation Levels around the World
Trajectory analysis on the transport of radioactive substances to Hong Kong arising from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident  
A scientific perspective of the radiological effects of the Fukushima nuclear accident to the Hong Kong environment
Glossary on radiation terminology and radiation reference materials
"Radiation Tidbits" series 
Curie and radioactivity
Relative Vulnerability to Human Body of Some Common Ionizing Radiation
How was cosmic radiation discovered? And how does the Hong Kong Observatory measure cosmic rays?
Radiological Safety Issues Associated with the Russian Forest Fires
The use of Nuclear Fusion Technology in the 21st Century
Radiation emitted by Human Body - Thermal Radiation
Effect of Radiation on Human Beings
What is Radiation?
Where does radiation come from?
What is the radiation level in Hong Kong?
What are the uses of radiation?
How does radiation affect us?

Advanced Topics

The Phantom of the Atoms - Alpha Radiation
Presentation material of Radiological Protection Officers' Course
Radiation Protection
Radiation and Health
Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programme
Emergency Radiation Monitoring and Assessment
Nuclear Power for Electricity Generation
Daya Bay Contingency Plan


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