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Weather Phenomena

 Thematic Article Series

Tropical Cyclone Basics (series of articles)  
The Science of Thunder and Lightning (series of articles)  
Thunderstorm and Rainstorm (series of articles)  
Weather and Special Phenomena in the Antarctic (series of articles)  
Visibility (series of articles) 
Monsoons (series of articles)
Hot or Cold Weather (series of articles)

 Introductory Topics

The Inter-centennial Giant Super Storm 
Wonderful Contrail on CWOS Website 
Why Is There More Rain in Tai Mo Shan? 
A Brief Introduction to Standardized Precipitation Index
Thunderstorm Hazards
Crosswind and Aviation Safety
Roadblocks in the Sky Convective Weather Impact on Aircraft
An Introduction to Phenology 
Butterfly Effect, Model Ensemble and Probabilistic Forecast 
Where is the coldest place in Hong Kong on average? Why? 
The looks of water in four seasons - Winter 
Nocturnal Jet 
Weather Forecasting Glossary 
Glossary of Some Meteorological Terms 
The looks of water in four seasons - Autumn 
Impact of Strong Wind Associated with Tropical Cyclones on Aviation Operation 
The looks of water in four seasons - Summer 
Why does it rain? 
Meteorology basics: Geostrophic wind 
Meteorology basics: Convergence and Divergence 
The Looks of Water in Four Seasons - Spring 
More on Tides
Know more about Tides
What is a "Trough"? (in Chinese only)

 Advanced Topics

Weather extremes becoming normal?
Severe Weather in Hong Kong - Case Studies
Atmospheric Optical Phenomenon
(already included in the "Optical Phenomenon" of "Nature's Wonders")
Up one level to "Meteorology"


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