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Weather Observation and Forecast

Introductory Topics

Development of Meteorological Information System Using Geographic Information System Technology
Simulating Atmosphere
The Dwarfs Behind Numerical Weather Prediction
What Is the "Location-based Rain Forecast"?
Weather and Aedes Albopictus 
Advantages of Short Range LIDAR in Windshear Alerting
Aircraft Meteorological Observation for Tropical Cyclones
How to Measure Sunshine Duration?
Weather Observation  
Formulation of Weather Forecasts  
Aviation Weather Observation and Reports  
Cloud street and vortex street  
Clouds in Hong Kong (series of articles)  
Beaufort Wind Scale
Last time it snowed in Hong Kong
Folklore (series of articles) 
Sounds in the Atmosphere
Haze as a result of Northeast Monsoon
Introduction to Air Pressure (Part I)
The Origin of Wind
Beaufort Scale for Winds (in Chinese only)
Measurement of Upper Air Winds - Wind Profiler (in Chinese only)
Use of Renewable Energy at Automatic Weather Stations
Background Information on UV Radiation & UV Index

Advanced Topics

Introduction to Air Pressure (Part II)
Radar Image Gallery
Satellite Image Gallery
Weather Observation at Airport
Duststorms over Northeastern China (8 April 2002)
Duststorms over Northern China and the East China Sea (21 March 2002)


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