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Radiation Protection

Radiation is everywhere in the universe. Lives on earth have been exposed to radiation from the natural environment since the time begins. Radiation may cause damages to body cells and tissues. However, health effects are insignificant unless the absorbed dose is large. To date, the use of radiation becomes common place. While we take advantage of radiation applications, we should take note of the health risks associated with exposure to artificial radiation and, do our best to reduce any exposure to radiation.

To meet the ever increasing demand of energy, nuclear power generation provides an answer to the continuous growth in power requirements. While enjoying the energy from the nuclear power stations, we have to bear the risk of the unlikely event of a nuclear accident. Therefore, it is necessary to set out countermeasures for responding to any accidents at the nuclear power stations.


    Protective clothing in the past

Protective clothing in the past
  (Source: "A Century of X-Rays and Radioactivity in Medicine", published by Institute of Physics, UK. (1993))  

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