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Exhibit 13
How is Nuclear Energy Generated?

What is Half-Life?

Nuclear Fusion

Deuterium and tritium, both heavy forms of hydrogen, are common candidates for nuclear fusion.  To harness fusion power, a confined environment of over 100 million degrees Celsius has to be created. Scientists are working on this, with a prototype reactor targeted for 2030.


Nuclear Fission

Here, nuclear energy is released when a uranium nucleus is struck by a neutron. The uranium nucleus will break up (fission) and release two or three neutrons together with some energy.


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Chain Reaction

The neutrons produced by fission may strike other uranium nuclei and produce more neutrons. This multiplication process, or chain reaction, happens in a split second and results in a release of a large amount of heat.  The heat is used to generate electricity in a nuclear power plant.

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What are the Uses of Radiation?Exhibit 12
Exhibit 14 Which Fuel is More Energy Efficient?
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