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Exhibition on Environmental Radiation Monitoring in Hong Kong

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Exhibit 1 : What is atom? Exhibit 2 : What is Non-ionizing Radiation? Exhibit 3 : What is Non-ionizing Radiation? Exhibit 4 : How to Protect Ourselves from Ionizing Radiation? Exhibit 5 : What is Half-Life? Exhibit 6 : What are the Sources of Ionizing Radiation? Exhibit 7 : Through what paths will radiation affect us? Exhibit 8 : Natural radiation and man-made radiation - How much are they? Exhibit 9 : How radiation affects our body? Exhibit 10 : What is the health effect of radiation? Exhibit 11 : Working out your radiation dose Exhibit 12 : What are the uses of radiation? Exhibit 13 : How is nuclear energy generated? Exhibit 14 : Which fuel is more energy efficient? Exhibit 15 : What is a nuclear power plant made up of? Exhibit 16 : Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programme in Hong Kong

Exhibit 1 What is atom?