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"Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2006" is now on sale
(10 December 2005)

The "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2006" has been published. At $40 a copy, it is now on sale at the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department, the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department, and the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre.

An electronic book-ordering service for this calendar is also available at the online Government Bookstore at Details of the online Government Bookstore can be obtained through the telephone enquiry service of the Information Services Department at 2537 1910.

The Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre is located at Units 2304-2309, 23/F Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The telephone number of the Resource Centre is 2926 8250.

The "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2006" has adopted the theme of the World Meteorological Day on March 23, 2006, that is, "Preventing and Mitigating Natural Disasters". In his message to the public in the calendar, the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr C Y Lam, emphasizes that climate change has brought about more frequent occurrences of extreme weather in one form or another. He appeals to everyone to beware of unfamiliar hazards, to be prudent in disaster risk management and factor in evolving vulnerability associated with climate change in response measures.

The calendar features photographs of clouds taken by staff of Hong Kong Observatory at various locations in the territory and under different weather situations, including the fair weather cumuli, the uncommon funnel cloud and the stratocumulus lenticularis which resemble castles in the air. Cloud observation used to be an essential element of weather forecasting prior to the invention of weather radar and satellites. By observing the sky and making use of the knowledge that appearance of certain cloud types heralded stormy weather, mankind was able to make better preparation for the approaching inclement weather.

The calendar also contains useful information including rising/setting times of the sun and moon, tide and monthly climatological information. Telephone numbers and websites for getting other weather and geophysical information are also listed.

This beautifully printed and attractively presented calendar would be an excellent gift to friends and relatives for Christmas and the New Year.

Cover of "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2006"


One of the cloud photos of "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2006" -- "Stratocumulus lenticularis"

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