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"Weather Diary" Prize Presentation Ceremony
(5 November 2005)

A prize presentation ceremony for the "Weather Diary" activity, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and the Hong Kong Education City (HKedCity), was held today (5 November). A number of schools and students received prizes for their outstanding performance in the activity.

Lasting one month, the "Weather Diary" activity was held during May and June this year. More than 1500 students from about 250 schools participated in the activity, making more than 32000 weather observations. In recognition of their participation in weather observation, awards of the "Most Actively Participating School" and the "Best Weather Diary" were set up. There were ten prizes for each of these awards, namely a gold prize, silver prize, bronze prize and seven meritorious prizes.

The Observatory had analysed the weather observations. The results showed that most of the students' records matched radar and satellite information well. This means that students have grasped the basic skills of weather observation. The analysis also showed that there could be large differences in weather among regions in Hong Kong, and the weather at any one spot could change abruptly. These results provided valuable insight to weather forecasting work. Details of the analysis are available at the websites of HKO and HKedCity:,

Mr. Lam Chiu-ying, Director of HKO, said, "It is our pleasure to contribute to education in Hong Kong through this activity. Apart from acquiring meteorological knowledge, the activity also provided the opportunity for students to develop the habit of observing the sky, getting in touch with nature and caring for the environment."

Ms. Jacqueline Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of HKedCity, remarked, "Nowadays, learning is no longer confined to the classroom. Everything around us is a source of knowledge for students to explore and learn. The large number of actively participating students means that the activity had been very successful. The HKedCity website has also fully demonstrated its capability in learning and teaching through the use of information technology. Indeed, it is the mission of HKedCity to promote learning through the Internet."

Mr. Lam Li-ming, teacher of SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School was delighted that his school won the "Most Actively Participating School" gold prize. He said that he highly recommended the activity to the students, as it enabled them to learn through practice.

The "Best Weather Diary" winner, Ng Yin-ni, felt very encouraged after learning she won the award, adding that she took in a lot of meteorological knowledge during the activity. She also pledged that she would pay attention to weather changes more closely in the future.

Mr. Lam Chiu-ying, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, presenting the "Most Actively Participating School" gold prize to Mr. Lam Li-ming, teacher of SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School


Ms. Jacqueline Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Education City, presenting prize to the "Best Weather Diary" winner, Miss Ng Yin-ni


Group photo of the guests and prize winners


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