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"Tropical Cyclone Family" promoting the "Tropical Cyclone Name Nomination Contest"
(13 April 2005)

To promote the public's participation in the 'Tropical Cyclone Name Nomination Contest', which is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and the 'Happy Daily' of Raio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), famous artists Alex Fong and Stephy joined with Ms Chea Shuk-mui and Choi Hoi-leung, the presenters of 'Happy Daily', to form the 'Tropical Cyclone Family'. Today (13 April), the Family attended the 'Tropical Cyclone Name Nomination Contest' promotion programme conducted at the Hong Kong Observatory Headquarters.

In the promotion programme, Mr. Lam Chiu-ying (Director of HKO), Ms Hung Cheung-hing (Acting Head of Radio 1), Alex Fong and Stephy (members of the 'Tropical Cyclone Family') announced the results of the "'Happy Daily' - The most unforgettable Number 10 signal election". The top four unforgettable Number 10 signals are, in descending order 'Wanda' in 1962, 'York' in 1999, 'Ellen' in 1983 and 'Hope' in 1979. Mr. Lam Chiu-ying, Director of HKO, said, "It is no surprised that 'Wanda' was elected as the most unforgettable Number 10 signal. She was the typhoon that caused the largest casualty and damages to Hong Kong in the last 50 years. I hope the public can associate the name 'Wanda' with the destructive power of a typhoon, remember the lesson learnt and be aware of the hazards associated with typhoons.'

A set of weather cartoons using images of the 'Tropical Cyclone Family' was also produced. The Family will use the weather cartoons to report Hong Kong's weather to the public at the HKO and RTHK websites every day from 14 to 29 April.

The 'Tropical Cyclone Name Nomination Contest' will be closed on 29 April. For those who want to participate in the contest, please do hurry up to submit their proposed names. Nomination can be made at the HKO and RTHK websites. The public can also obtain nomination forms at the District offices, Post Offices and the HKO Resource Centre. Completed nomination forms can be retuned by fax, by post or by hand. Details of the contest can be found at

Result announcement of "The most unforgettable Number 10 signal election"

"Tropical Cyclone Family" weather cartoons


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