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High Resolution images taken by Earth Observing Satellites
(4 November 2004)

The Hong Kong Observatory starts disseminating high resolution satellite images of the Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta Region today (November 4).

A new satellite reception system of the Observatory went into operation last month. It receives high resolution images from two earth observing satellites (EOS) of US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Each of these satellites passes over Hong Kong twice each day at a height of 700 km. The MODIS imagers onboard the two satellites take pictures of the atmosphere, land and sea in this region four times every day using different spectral channels. The red light images have a resolution of 250 metres on the ground, i.e. four times higher than that of the meteorological satellite images previously used by the Observatory.

By combining the high resolution images taken in different spectral channels, the Observatory has closer views of the weather systems affecting Hong Kong. Besides monitoring weather changes, processed images produced by the Observatory also provide effective and timely information about the atmosphere, sea and land in Hong Kong and its vicinity. The Observatory has been communicating with local universities and other government departments on the collaborative exploration of this valuable information. More images will be made available to the public through the Observatory's website.

The Acting Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr H G Wai, said that with the visible and sea surface temperature images disseminated by the Observatory today the public could easily visualise the cloud, fog, haze and sea surface temperature over Hong Kong and the neighbouring land and sea, enabling better appreciation of the changes in weather as mentioned in the Observatory's reports and forecasts.


The Acting Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr H G Wai, announcing the launch of High Resolution images taken by Earth Observing Satellites webpage.


Reception System for Earth Observing Satellites at King's Park.

Easterly wind prevailed over coast of Guangdong on 30 October 2004. Haze to the north of Hong Kong, clear weather over Hong Kong.

Winds turning to north on 1 November 2004. Haze spread to Hong Kong in northerly winds.


Satellite image on 19 October 2004 : Haze to the west of Hong Kong, clear weather to the east.


Satellite image on 28 October 2004 : Fair weather cumulus over Lantau Island and northwestern part of the New Territories.


A close-up view of Hong Kong from a height of 700 km. Photo taken on 9 October 2004.

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