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The Observatory launches webpage on "Space Weather"
(27 September 2004)

As part of its public education effort, the Hong Kong Observatory today (September 27) launches a webpage on "Space Weather".

Space weather originates from the Sun. It generally refers to all solar activities including sunspots and solar flares, and the effects they may have on the Earth. It has been known to disrupt telecommunications on the Earth and affect space-borne facilities such as satellites and spacecrafts.

"The Observatory is committed to the promotion of science. The Space Weather webpage is one of our latest initiatives on popularising science. We also welcome members of the public to visit our webpage on "Educational Resources" which has been enhanced with new material," Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr Lam Chiu-ying, said.

Professor Chan Kwing-lam, an expert in solar physics from the Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said the webpage was written in layman terms and was easy to read.

"Apart from the education sector, I believe members of the public will benefit from it and have a better understanding of the subject," he said.

The "Space Weather" webpage is:

The Observatory's "Educational Resources" webpage is:


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