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The hottest day so far this year

(29 June 2004)

With Typhoon Mindulle located near Luzon, Hong Kong is under the influence of hot northerly air flow from inland Guangdong. Together with abundant sunshine, afternoon temperatures rose to a maximum of 34.2 degrees at the Observatory today (Tuesday, 29 June 2004), making it the hottest day so far this year. This is the 6th hottest June on record. Temperatures rose above 36 degrees in many areas in Hong Kong including Sha Tin, Shekong, Tuen Mun and Chek Lap Kok, setting new records for June in these places. A map showing maximum temperatures recorded at various parts of Hong Kong today is given below.

The Hong Kong Observatory forecasts very hot weather to continue tomorrow (Wednesday, 30 June 2004). A maximum of 34 degrees is expected in the urban areas and temperatures will be a couple of degrees higher in parts of the New Territories. Please note that the 'Very Hot Warning' is still in force. The public is reminded to take the following actions to avoid heat strokes due to the very hot weather:

1. When engaged in outdoor work or activities, drink plenty of water and avoid over exerting. If not feeling well, take a rest in the shade or cooler place as soon as possible;

2. Avoid prolong exposure under sunlight. Loose clothing, suitable hats and UV-absorbing sunglasses can reduce the chance of sunburn by solar ultraviolet radiation; and

3. Swimmers and those taking part in outdoor activities should use a sunscreen lotion of Sun Protection Factor 15 or above, and should re-apply it frequently.

For updates on the latest weather report, information on the Very Hot Weather Warning and UV Index, members of the public may browse the Observatory Internet web pages at: (update weather report); (Very Hot Weather Warning); and (UV Index)

Members of the public who wish to get more information on the prevention of heat stroke can call DH's Central Health Education Unit Hotline at 2833 0111. Information can also be obtained from DH's health educational homepage at and click "What's New" to obtain a relevant fact sheet.




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