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HK Observatory launches forecasting website
(11 June 2004)

The Hong Kong Observatory today (June 11) launched the "Computer Model Forecast Weather Map" website (

The website provides forecast information produced by a computer model to help the public understand the trends in weather conditions over a two-to-three-day period in Hong Kong and neighboring areas.

The information is generated by the observatory's high-speed computer using physical models and mathematical equations to simulate the evolution of weather systems. The computer simulations are presented as maps showing the surface temperature, surface wind speed and wind direction, mean sea level pressure and the state of the sky at various locations. The content is updated twice daily. The forecast area covers Hong Kong, the South China Sea, East Asia and Western Pacific region.

The Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Dr Wong Ming-chung, pointed out that the computer model forecast weather maps were generated by the observatory's computer model directly without manual adjustment and the forecast weather conditions described could be different from that of the weather forecasts issued by the observatory. "For a full assessment of the weather situation, the public should refer to the official forecasts issued by the observatory and/or the respective local meteorological authorities," he said.

The "Computer Model Forecast Weather Map" website has been operating on a trial basis since May 20. It has received very good feedback from the public. "It's a good attempt to put model forecast information on the Internet. It enables people to know the reasons for trends in the weather over the following few days. "Keep up the good work!" said Mr Lam, a participant in the "Training Course on Weather Observation" conducted by the observatory last month.

To enable the public to better understand and interpret computer model forecast weather maps, the observatory will run a "Training Course on the Basics of Numerical Weather Prediction" on July 24 and 31. Those interested are invited to check out the details and enrol online at: The public can also call 2926 1133 to obtain the application form via fax.

Figure 1: Computer model forecast surface temperature distribution map on Observatory's website.

Different temperatures are represented by different colours.


Figure 2: Computer model forecast mean sea level pressure map on Observatory's website.

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