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Webcast of Venus Transit jointly organised by HKO and HK Space Museum
(7 June 2004)

A transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun will occur tomorrow (June 8). During the transit, Venus will come between the Sun and the Earth. From the Earth's perspective, Venus's silhouette will move across the Sun's disc. Weather permitting, this rare astronomical phenomenon will be visible in Hong Kong. Such transit last occurred in December, 1882. The next will occur in June, 2012.

To facilitate members of the public to observe this phenomenon, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Space Museum will host a live webcast of the images of the event taken by the Hong Kong Space Museum. The webcast will begin about 1pm and end about 6pm that day. The images will be updated by the minute throughout the webcast.

Interested viewers please visit the following websites to observe the transit of Venus:

The Hong Kong Observatory website: or

The Hong Kong Space Museum website:

Members of the public should observe the safety rules if they wish to view the phenomenon directly with the naked eye. They must neither look directly at the Sun with the naked eye nor through a telescope. A safe method is to project the Sun's image onto a piece of white paper or cardboard and view the projection. Interested parties may make reference to the following website for safety advice:



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