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Observatory enhances public education on meteorology and geophysics

( 11 May 2004 )

The Hong Kong Observatory launches an "e-Bulletin on Educational Resources" on its website today (May 11). The e-bulletin is aimed at providing the public and the education sector with the latest educational materials on meteorology and geophysics.

The e-bulletin will be periodically sent to readers via email. Its contents include educational material on meteorology, radiation, earthquake and astronomy, as well as the latest training courses and activities for the public.

At the same time, the Observatory has extended the contents of its Educational Resources web page to include additional materials on various weather phenomena.

Scientific Officer Mr Leung Wai-hung says, "People surfing the Observatory web page on Educational Resources can easily locate the required information in the latest set-up. The contents are particularly suitable for teachers, primary and secondary students. We will issue e-bulletins at regular intervals, introducing new
materials on meteorology and geophysics each time. These materials will be prepared in layman terms and will be quite easy to read."

Those interested in subscribing to the e-bulletin can register at

The address of Observatory Educational Resources web page is


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