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'Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2004' is now on sale
( 3December 2003)

The Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2004 is now on sale. Its theme is "Weather, Water and Climate in the Information Age", which is also the theme adopted by the World Meteorological Organisation for World Meteorological Day on March 23, 2004.

With the advance of technology, the amount of information at our disposal has grown enormously. This has enabled us to lead much more autonomous lives, but it has also hastened the rhythm of everyday life and created stress. Modern man must somehow achieve a balance.

The calendar's photographs depict the beautiful natural scenery of Hong Kong, and the subtle changes that our four distinct seasons bring to the colour and texture of our hills and seas. We should all spend more time in the countryside, and many people will be surprised at just how much of it Hong Kong has to offer.

Enjoy the sight and the feel of Nature. And as a safety precaution, never forget to check the weather, through the Observatory's website for example, before leaving home.

The calendar also contains useful geophysical information such as the rising and setting times of the sun and moon, high and low tides and monthly climatological norms and extremes.

Telephone numbers and websites for enquiries on weather and other geophysical information are listed.

This beautifully printed and attractively presented calendar makes an excellent gift for Christmas and the New Year. The calendar is now on sale at $32 a copy at the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre (Tel: 2926 8250). It can also be ordered electronically from the online Government Bookstore at

Please contact the Publication Sales Section of the Information Services Department at 2537 1910 for detailed information.


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