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Observatory weather satellite information service enhanced

(27 June 2002)

Starting from today (27 June), members of the public will be able to view satellite pictures at the Hong Kong Observatory's web site much closer and clearer than before.

As a continuous effort to enhance its weather satellite information service, the Observatory has put on the Internet high resolution cloud pictures received from polar-orbiting weather satellites. Please check them out at: .

Polar-orbiting satellites revolve around the Earth along paths roughly passing over the poles. As they move, they obtain images of different parts of the Earth. Compared with the 'conventional' pictures from geostationary satellites, pictures from polar-orbiting satellites have higher resolution because they fly much closer to the Earth. The polar-orbiting satellite pictures will normally be updated several times daily.

With new satellite reception equipment installed, the Observatory has captured a number of pictures which may be of interest to the general public. These pictures range from large weather features like tropical cyclones and duststorms, to smaller features like fog and hill fires. Those interested may visit the web page at:

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