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Weather forecasts for Guangdong tourist spots on Hong Kong Observatory Website

(31 May 2002)

Starting June 1, 2002, weather forecasts for 19 tourist spots in Guangdong will be made available to the public through the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) website.

With the strengthening of ties between Hong Kong and Guangdong, it has become very popular for Hong Kong people to make short trips to Guangdong. Visitors from the Mainland to Hong Kong are also on the increase. Weather information is now much sought after by the travelling public both in Hong Kong and across the border.

To facilitate the public in planning and preparing for their trips, the Observatory will make available weather information for tourist spots in Guangdong.

The Observatory has close working relationships with the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau (GMB) for many years. The provision of weather forecasts for 19 tourist spots in Guangdong, to be provided by GMB and disseminated to the public on the HKO website, is another testimony to the fruitful cooperation between the two parties.

To provide a convenient means for the Hong Kong public as well as visitors from the Mainland to gather weather information, a Simplified Chinese Version of the HKO website ( was officially launched in March 2002. So far, the number of page visits to the Simplified Chinese Version of the website has already exceeded 150,000.

If members of the public are interested in viewing the weather forecasts of tourist spots in Guangdong, they can visit the following web pages:

English Version

Traditional Chinese Version

Simplified Chinese Version

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