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The Hong Kong Observatory Begins Provision of Weather Information for Cities in Central and South America
(12 March 2002)

With effect from tomorrow (March 13), members of the public can obtain weather information for cities in Central and South America from the Hong Kong Observatory's (HKO) web page or with the use of a tone dialing telephone.

An HKO spokesman said: "As work and pleasure are now taking Hong Kong people to many more destinations than before, including destinations in Central and South America, the Observatory has decided to provide the public with weather information for 7 major cities in Central and South America. These 7 cities are Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima, Mexico City, Rio De Janeiro and Santiago.

Weather information of major cities around the world, including 55 cities in China, 12 cities in other Asian countries, 4 cities in Australia and New Zealand, 28 cities in North America and 21 cities in Europe and Africa are already being provided on the Observatory's web page and the Telephone Information Enquiry System (TIES). The 7 newly added Central and South American cities bring to 127 the total number of cities for which weather information is available."

Such information can be viewed from the following HKO web pages:

World Weather Forecast:

Information on Weather of Cities in China:

Weather Forecast for Guangdong:

The information can also be obtained by using a tone dialing phone to call the Observatory's TIES at 2926 1133 and select channel "2" after choosing the required language.

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