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South China Coastal Waters

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Bulletin issued at 03:30 HKT 26/Nov/2015

Weather information for south China coastal waters issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 3:30 a.m. on 26 November 2015

Gale force winds in Nan'ao and Shanwei. Strong winds in Hong Kong adjacent waters, south of Hong Kong and Shangchuan Dao.

Weather Situation:
An intense northeast monsoon is affecting the south China coastal waters.

Area forecasts for the next 24 hours

Hong Kong Adjacent Waters:
North to northeast force 5 to 6, occasionally force 7.
Moderate to rough seas.

Nan'ao and Shanwei:
North to northeast force 7 to 8.
Rough to very rough seas.

South of Hong Kong and Shangchuan Dao:
North to northeast force 6 to 7.
Rough seas.

Outlook for the next 48 hours
Northeasterly winds of force 6 to 7, up to force 8 in east at first.

Latest reports from south China coastal weather stations

Waglan Island Wind north force 5
  Visibility 40 Kilometres

Shantou Wind south-southwest force 2
  Visibility 30 Kilometres

Dongsha Wind north-northeast force 4
  Visibility 10 Kilometres

Huangmaozhou Wind north force 4

Macau Wind north-northwest force 3
  Visibility 15 Kilometres

Xisha Wind northeast force 3
  Visibility 30 Kilometres