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Header of Tropical Cyclone Warning for Shipping

Tropical Cyclone Warning for Shipping Bulletin

Warning area Broadcast medium Broadcast schedule Contents
10-30N and 105-125E. Warning is prepared by the Hong Kong Observatory at 3 hourly intervals whenever a tropical cyclone is located within the warning area. NAVTEX* via Hong Kong Coast Radio Station. Broadcast on receipt and is repeated at the following time schedules: 0150, 0550, 0950, 1350, 1750 & 2150 Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)**.
  1. Position and intensity of  tropical cyclone;
  2. Movement of tropical cyclone;
  3. Maximum wind speed near tropical cyclone centre;
  4. Wind and wave conditions associated with  tropical cyclone;
  5. 24-hr and 48-hour forecast positions of tropical cyclone.

* NAVTEX is an international broadcast system for disseminating navigational information by the coastal radio station for ships plying in the region.

** Hong Kong Time is eight hours ahead of Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Last revision date: <27 Dec 2012>